I can’t exactly say for who this blog will be useful, but I believe it can be of interest for all scouts, coaches, clubs, players and fans!

In a nutshell I’m planning to pay close attention to those players that are not so often mentioned in the mainstream media but are actually making impression and rising on the big stage. In my articles I will be presenting mostly young players from not so famous and rich leagues worldwide who are showing potential to be big stars one day. I believe that some of these names can be of interest to the coaches and scouts looking for talent, but also I hope that I can help put these players’ names on the world map of football. Every player I will write about will be carefully chosen for reasons I will justify in the article about him.

Eventually I’m hoping that I will also have a section with interviews taken from the players themselves.

I spent 7 years working as a football journalist, providing daily coverage for fourteen different leagues from nine different countries around the world, plus World Cups, Asian Champions League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores, etc.

These days I’m more focused on my own writing, my first two fiction novels were published recently, but as I still watch a lot of football and monitor the teams, players and leagues I cover I decided to start this blog.

Everyone is free to contact me with any questions, requests or desires.

Twitter: @Nicholas_Dob