31st May 2017

What is your favourite position on the pitch?


What other tactical roles you’ve been asked to execute recently?

Striker and Winger

In which league you are dreaming to play one day?

Premier League

Which is the club you will never refuse to join if they want to sign you?


Which is the player you admire and see as a role model?

Steven Gerrard

Which is the best inner midfielder in the world in your opinion (still playing)?

Thiago Alcantara

How you’re dealing with setbacks you inevitably face during your career?

For me personally it’s just important to keep working hard every day. That’s the only way to improve and to overcome those setbacks

Tell the audience more about your personal life outside football?

I’m Pieter Gerkens, 22 years old. I’m from Belgium. Besides playing football I like to hang out with my friends. Or sometimes play some videogames.

Which languages do you speak and are there any you want to learn?

I speak Dutch, English and French (the last 2 not perfectly) But I would like to learn Spanish. I even started learning Spanish but still not good at it 🙂

Tell us more about your hobbies and spare time activities?

I love to watch NBA, so that’s something I do often. Besides that I like to hang out with my friends, just play some videogames or swim,.. Stuff like that.

And finally how do you see your life once playing football is no longer possible?

It’s difficult to know already because I’m still very young. But after maybe I want to become a football coach, or open my own business but still don’t know exactly.